FENATA Stakeholders

Namibia Tourism Board (NTB)

The Namibia Tourism Board was formed by an act of Parliament as a statutory body, responsible for bringing together both the private and public sector in implementing the national policy on tourism. NTB has five offices located in Windhoek, Frankfurt, London, Johannesburg and Cape Town. The offices offer well-trained staff, eager to assist potential visitors with general information about Namibia and producing an attractive travel itinerary. In addition, all offices provide tailored services to the travel trade – for further information regarding this, please contact an office near you. Read more

Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET)

The mission of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism is to maintain and rehabilitate essential ecological processes and life-supported life-support systems, to conserve biological diversity and to ensure that the utilization of natural resources is sustainable for the benefit of all Namibians, both present and future, as well as the international community, as provided for in the Constitution. Read More