FENATA Members

Bed & Breakfast Association of Namibia (B&BAN) 
The Bed & Breakfast Association of Namibia (B&BAN) is a dynamic brand. B&BAN represents a comprehensive group of establishments that cater for the traveler who wishes to be sure of receiving good quality accommodation at reasonable rates. In addition the establishments offer personal attention and in many cases understated excellence. 

Han Namibia
Hospitality Association Namibia (HAN)    
The Hospitality Association of Namibia has since its inception in 1987, grown from an initial 16 members to a total of close to 400 members. H·A·N represents the full spectrum of the hospitality industry, from hotels, to guest houses, guest farms, lodges, rest camps, restaurants, conference centres and catering services. Over the years, more and more tourism and hospitality related businesses also joined the Hospitality Association, making H·A·N a true umbrella-body and an important factor in the tourism & hospitality industry of Namibia in general.

Association of Namibian Travel Agents 
is a representative forum in the retail travel industry to promote professional travel management service.  ANTA is administered by an Executive Board.  All members of the Executive board are full time employees within the retail travel industry.  ANTA is a member of ASATA (Association of South African Travel Agents) and ASATA is the only national affiliated member of UFTAA, the Universal Federation of Travel Agents’ Association, which has its headquarters in Geneva.  Any IATA (International Air Transport Association) and NTB registered Travel Management Company (TMC) may apply for membership with ANTA.

Car Rental Association of Namibia 
CARAN is a non-profit association of 16 members. Its main aim is to protect the tourists and the car rental industry against sub-standard service and quality.  The stringent standards set by CARAN were necessary due to the vastness of our country, the huge number of self drive tours and the unfortunate experiences tourist have had in the past by renting vehicles of sub-standard quality.  The car rental companies must subscribe to minimum standards before they are accepted as members of the association.

Emerging Tourism Enterprises Association (ETEA)  
The Emerging Tourism Enterprises Association’s  (ETEA) vision is to  be the voice for emerging Namibian tourism enterprises and to be a leading professional body promoting sustainability and profitability of emerging tourism enterprises.  ETEA wishes to enforce integrity, professionalism & business ethics among emerging tourism enterprises and to source new markets for potential business ventures for members.

First National Bank Namibia PTY LTD – Tourism Desk (FNB)
As the country’s oldest and largest financial institution, FNB Namibia provides a full range of banking and other financial services to individuals and businesses - both large and small - throughout the country. FNB also recognize the vital role tourism plays in the growth of the Namibian economy and is the first Namibian bank who created a specialized Tourism Desk to give the Tourism Sector the support it rightly deserves. In order to keep our service offering relevant to the local industry, we have close working relationships with tourism bodies and associations such as TASA.  FNB offers tailor made solutions to take care of the full spectrum of industry’s specific needs both for tourism businesses and visitors to Namibia.

Namibia Association of Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM)  
Support Organisations (NACSO)    
The Namibia Association of Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) Support Organisations (NACSO) is an association comprising 15 Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and the University of Namibia. The purpose of NACSO is to provide quality services to rural communities seeking to manage and utilise their natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Namibia Professional Hunting Association 
The Namibia Professional Hunting Association was founded in 1974 in order to promote Namibia as a hunting destination internationally and protect the right to hunt locally. Today NAPHA has over 400 Hunting Professionals (Hunting Guides and Professional Hunters) as registered members. The Association has an excellent working relationship with the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and is instrumental in forming new legislation.  The fundamental purpose of NAPHA is to enhance and maintain, by effective management, an organizational infrastructure that can serve professional hunting members, clients and other interest groups.

Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR)
is the gateway to the prime destinations across the spectacular Namibia. Strategically positioned within the magnificent protected areas of the country, NWR offers its clientele the exclusive prospects of experiencing the grandeur of Namibia through the amazing wildlife and the varied landscapes.  To date NWR boasts an impressive portfolio of quality products through its newly refurbished facilities in Etosha National Park, Waterberg Plateau Park, Fish River Canyon National Park and Skeleton Coast Park. Two entirely new products, the Sossus Dune Lodge in the Namib-Naukluft Park and Onkoshi Camp in Etosha National Park, are designed to coexist with and take advantage of the natural and unique environment; presenting exemplary eco-friendly facilities in the most pristine surroundings.

Namibian Academy for Tourism and Hospitality 
The Namibian Academy for Tourism and Hospitality (NATH) was formally launched as an Article 21 Company in August 1994.  NATH as a non-profit organization has strived to maintain and increase excellence in the Tourism Industry.  Through ongoing partnership with all role players in the Tourism and Hospitality field of Namibia (the private sector as well as relevant ministries of the government), NATH has its successes in facilitating and coordinating tourism related training needs in Namibia.

Tour Guides Association of Namibia 
TAN was formed in Namibia in 1994 to represent the interests of the Tourist Guide. The TAN Constitution stipulates that it should promote, support, protect and develop all tourist guides’ interests. It has the additional aim to ensure that Tour Guides operate according to the TAN Code of Conduct so that visitors to Namibia experience an enjoyable and informative experience when being assisted by a TAN registered guide.

Tour and Safari Association of Namibia 
The Tour and Safari Association of Namibia (TASA) is a voluntary private-sector body, founded in 1989, that acts on behalf of its members to encourage the development  of responsible tourism in Namibia, to ensure standards and reliability in the Namibian tourism industry and to further the common interests of Namibian Tour Operators. Members of TASA are committed to maintaining professional standards.

Tourism-Related Namibian Businesses Association 
The Tourism-Related Namibian Businesses Association (TRENABA) is an association of retailers trading in Namibian curios and souvenirs, jewellery, leather and fur, photographic equipment, Karakul woven carpets, decorative items and the like.  Many of the members specialize in articles hand-made in Namibia, particularly the weavers, furriers and the jewelers, thereby giving their goods a strong Namibian flair.

Namibian Association for Protected Desert Areas 
The Namibian Association for Protected Desert Areas (NAPDA) established in 2007 comprises a membership of land owners and legal custodians who have come together to form a not-for-profit Association to promote and facilitate sustainable landscape management, biodiversity protection and socio-economic growth, through the establishment and management of private protected areas, based on the philosophy and principles of sound conservation.