FENATA - Federation of Namibian Tourism Association

The Federation of Namibian Tourism Association (FENATA) acts as an umbrella organization for tourism associations in the private sector. As such, it is the voice of the tourism industry in Namibia, serving as a community vehicle between Government and Private Sector.

FENATA Mission

FENATA, a non-profit Federation, was formed in 1991 to respond to a need of Namibia’s private sector tourism industry to advocate for policies, regulations and programmes that would advance the industry as a whole, rather than each sector within the industry working on individual goals alone.  

FENATA offers Government and the industries in Namibia a single focal point within the Tourism Industry for the critical exchange of information and assistance.  

This serves the collective goal of developing and promoting Tourism in Namibia which adds strength to the entire Namibian economy and better serves the people of our country.

FENATA Objectives

  • To work with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) on the issues concerning conservation,biodeversity,national parks,wildlife and long-term strategic planning for tourism development.

  • To lobby the Government of Namibia on tourism related issues for the proper running of tourism structures, bodies and institutions within the country.

  • To work closely with the Namibian Tourism Board (NTB) and the Directorate of Tourism (DOT)in the common interest and mutual benefit of all those involved in the tourism industry in Namibia.

  • To promote the interest of members and to generate understanding among the general public on all issues related to tourism.

  • To serve as a forum where different sectors of the tourism Industry can come together, discuss special interests, make requests for mutual support, focus on shared problems and develop industry-wide, collective solutions.
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